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You Could Be Ruining Your Hardwood Flooring

You Could Be Ruining Your Hardwood Flooring

Your brand new hardwood flooring is now glistening and looks like a dream. You’ve invested in new flooring and it makes your house look amazing. But did you know that many homeowners inadvertently ruin their hardwood flooring? Protect your investment for the long term by avoiding these critical maintenance missteps and keep your floors looking their best.

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1. Using The Wrong Cleaner

That’s right: spritzing your floors with Windex can damage them in the long run. Even seemingly gentle homemade cleaners like vinegar can strip the finish from your hardwood flooring. In fact, any liquid cleaner can damage your floors by letting moisture bead up. Check out this post for the best cleaners to keep your hardwood flooring looking brand new.

2. Scraping Your Hardwood Flooring

Daily scrapes really add up over time and damage your floors. The most common offenders? Shoes and furniture. Forgetting to use furniture pads easily adds 20 years to your floors in a matter of weeks. Protect your floors with felt pads and mats to prevent scratches.

And those heels you love so much? Try not to wear them on your hardwood flooring. Heels scratch and dent flooring, which is difficult to recover from. Try to wear socks or slippers while inside the house, and put on your shoes as you prepare to leave.

3. Long Pet’s Nails

Sparky is adorable, but his unkempt claws are scratching up your floors. Keep man’s best friend in your good graces by trimming your pets’ nails regularly. This prevents wear on your hardwood and keeps your pet hapy. We recommend using an electronic trimmer that buffs the nail, ensuring there are no rough edges to scratch the hardwood flooringafter a trim.

4. Vacuuming With A Carpet Vacuum

Believe it or not, there are big differences between vacuums for carpet and vacuums for hardwood flooring. Carpet vacuums dig into your flooring, leading to more scratches. Hardwood vacuums are designed to pick up dirt with less distress on your floors. If your home has both carpet and hardwood, pick up a dual-purpose vacuum that can shift between floor types.

5. Not Using Rugs And Mats

Rugs and mats aren’t just decorative add-ons. They protect the most heavily trafficked areas of your floors from wear and tear. Put them at entryways and any other places that get a lot of action, like your kitchen sink. If you find your rugs and mats move around too much, resist the urge to use harsh adhesives like tape. Use special rug mats to keep everything in place.

6. Keeping Scratches Around

If you notice an area of the floor is scratched or damaged, don’t turn a blind eye; fix it as soon as possible. Untreated scratches will result in even more damage in the long run. It’s the difference between a simple refinish and replacing boards.

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The Bottom Line

Your hardwood flooring is an investment in the beauty and fucntion of your home. Protect your gorgeous floors by avoiding these six common maintenance pitfalls. Care for your floors and they will take care of you for years to come.

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