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Use These 4 Creative Flooring Ideas In Your Empty Nest

Use These 4 Creative Flooring Ideas In Your Empty Nest

Hardwood flooring isn’t just for your Grandma Bootsie. While people sometimes think of hardwood flooring as traditional and grand, it belongs right inside your modern home. The best part? Hardwood flooring gives you incredible range for creativity. Skip the boring laminate floor and jazz things up with the beauty of hardwood.

You don’t have to go with a flat, one-dimensioned hardwood floor, either. Use these creative flooring ideas to get the juices pumping. If you can picture it, you can build it with quality hardwood flooring that will last for years.

Our 4 Favorite Creative Flooring Ideas

Creative Flooring IdeasCreate a Pinterest-worthy hardwood floor that will be the envy of your friends, family, and judgmental neighbors.

1. Patterns

Creative Flooring IdeasFloors come in more than just the traditional ‘straight’ pattern. Lay out your hardwood planks in random size and order to create a quirky yet elevated vibe. To give character to a room without expanding your budget, consider laying out your hardwood floors in a diagonal pattern.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, a parquet pattern might be the best creative flooring layout for you. Parquet is when you lay wood floor tiles out in a geometric pattern. This can be as simple as creating a checkerboard pattern or as complex as intricate, repeating hexagons.

A popular choice that pairs beautifully with modern design is a herringbone floor pattern. It’s a little more effort to install the floor, but it’s a wow-worthy statement piece that’s sure to turn heads without overpowering the design of your room.

2. Texture

Creative Flooring IdeasWho says hardwood floors have to be sleek, smooth surfaces? Hardwood floors come in various grains and textures. Go for wood that has character; it will give your home more personality. Don’t worry, your floors will still be sealed even if they have a less smooth finish. Choosing a different surface texture is a creative flooring idea that won’t overshadow the other design elements of your home.

Try a bumpier finish on your hardwood and feel the comforting grooves of natural wood on your bare feet in the morning. Ahh, relaxing.

3. Color

Creative Flooring IdeasYou change up the colors of your home’s walls. Did you know you can also switch up the color of your wood flooring?

Most of our clients choose a single color of hardwood flooring for their entire home. While that option yields beautiful results, there’s nothing wrong with getting creative with color. For example, some homeowners choose to combine light and dark woods in creative patterns for a more dynamic, quirky look. If you’re using a parquet pattern, it’s not uncommon to use at least two colors of wood to highlight the intricacy of your floor’s design.

4. Inlays

Creative Flooring IdeasYour wood floors are an investment. If you want to take them to the next level with a creative flooring idea for instant luxury, consider using wood inlays. Compasses, stars, and even complex geometric floral patterns are popular inlay choices. Inlays require a skilled hand to create and install, but create jaw-dropping results. If you want to jazz up an entryway with your family motto or a crest, a wood inlay is the perfect choice.

The Bottom Line

Wood floors are a warm accent that instantly add beauty to your home. While a traditional hardwood floor is gorgeous on its own, any one of these creative flooring ideas add instant ‘wow’ to your home. When in doubt, get creative with your hardwood flooring! Give us a ring and we can elevate your flooring with a skilled hand and years of experience.

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