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Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpet

Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpet

It’s an age-old question that we hear all the time: what flooring should I get for my home?

There are unlimited options to choose from with your home’s flooring, although carpet and hardwood are the two most popular. But what’s the right choice for your home? While many people choose to go with carpet, in our experience, hardwood flooring is the clear winner.

hardwood flooring versus carpet

The Showdown: Hardwood Flooring Versus Carpet

Carpet might have been a trendy option in the 60s, but it’s an outdated flooring that simply can’t stand up when compared to hardwood. Don’t believe us? Check out these four ways that hardwood flooring beats out carpet.

1. Allergies

Nobody likes allergies. Consider that people spend over $11 billion on allergy medicine every year, and it’s a real incentive to avoid allergens wherever you can. Did you know that carpet can actually trap allergens and worsen allergies? It’s not like you can peel back the carpet and fully clean it from top to bottom. That means you’re living with allergens all overyour home.

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that it doesn’t trap dust and dirt. You do need to regularly clean the flooring, but that’s a natural part of owning a home. To manage your family’s allergies and save time on the cleanup, get a robot vacuum to dust your hardwood flooring every day. The result is a healthier family, no trapped allergens, and zero cleanup time.

2. Cleanliness And Pets

The other gross thing about carpet? It traps in every filthy thing that happens in your home. If Fido has an accident, it’s unlikely you’re going to completely remove that, no matter how much you scrub.

Dirt, germs, and stains set permanently underneath your carpet. In addition to aging your floor with stains, it’s just not hygienic. Hardwood flooring makes it a breeze to wipe up any “oops” moments without worrying about your home’s cleanliness.

3. Longevity

Carpet lasts 15 years maximum, although that’s really pushing it. When cared for properly, a quality hardwood floor will last decades. You’ll need to refinish it from time to time to keep it looking pristine, but it’s still less hassle than caring for a carpet. Hardwood might be a bigger investment upfront, but if you want to do it the right way, install hardwood for longevity.

4. Selling Your House?

If you plan on selling your home one day, hardwood is the way to go. Buyers are obsessed with hardwood flooring. It’s a luxurious, timeless addition to any home. They don’t want to inherit your family’s ten-year-old carpet, no matter how often you vacuumed!

If you want to boost your home’s value and decrease the time to sale, hardwood flooring is your go-to.

hardwood flooring versus carpet

The Bottom Line

Hardwood flooring is an investment in your home. Not only is it a cleaner and healthier option than carpet, but it also looks great! If you need help picking out the right flooring for your home, give West Chester Hardwood a call. Our experts will set you up with the floor of your dreams.

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