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Which Wood Floor Cleaner Is Best?

Which Wood Floor Cleaner Is Best?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful statement in any home. After the hustle and bustle of installation, it’s important to regularly protect this investment in your home. It’s important to clean your hardwood with a wood floor cleaner that will make your floors shine and prevent damage. But with so many cleaners on the market, how can you choose the best cleaner for your hardwood floors?

Use this handy guide to separate the winners from the duds to keep your floors spic and span.

The Best Wood Floor Cleaner

There’s no clear best wood floor cleaner. It depends entirely on your lifestyle, home, budget, and needs. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five best wood floor cleaners depending on your unique situation.

Wood Floor Cleaner1. Cheapest Floor Cleaner: Diluted Vodka

Believe it or not, diluted vodka is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner . Dust off a cheap bottle of vodka and create your own budget-friendly hardwood floor cleaner. Fill a bottle with equal parts vodka and water, adding essential oils for scent if desired. Use the solution in a spray mop to make your floors shine. Don’t worry, the vodka scent dissipates quickly!

Wood Floor Cleaner2. Large Area Cleaner: Libman Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Your 2,500 square foot home looks beautiful and spacious, but we know it can be tough to keep those expansive floors clean. If you want a cleaner designed to handle large areas, pick up a bottle of Libman. The squirt bottle design is extremely easy to use and efficiently covers large areas in seconds. Give it a once-over with a wide mop to make cleaning fast and easy.

Wood Floor Cleaner3. Fastest Floor Cleaner: Pledge Floor Care Squirt & Mop

It seems like our lives just get busier and busier these days. If you’re looking for the quickest wood floor cleaner in the west, look no further than this pick from Pledge. Good Housekeeping tests found it picked up residue and grime from wood floors more quickly than any other cleaner. As an added bonus, you can even use it on paneling and woodwork. Clean more in less time with this handy cleaner.

Wood Floor Cleaner4. Dual Purpose Cleaner: Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Does your home have different types of flooring? If your home has both hardwood and laminate flooring, use Black Diamond’s wood floor cleaner to safely and effectively clean two types of floors. You don’t have to bother with buying specialized cleaners for both your hardwood and laminate floors; save money and fuss by choosing an all-in-one cleaner.

Wood Floor Cleaner5. Steam Power Cleaner: Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

Not into chemical cleaners? No problem. To tidy and sanitize your floors with less chemicals, opt for a steam mop like the Hoover TwinTank. Swiftly steam your hardwood floors in a jiffy with this steam mop’s washable cover. Although a steam mop costs more upfront, it saves you money and hassle in the long run.
Wood Floor Cleaner

The Bottom Line

You want to keep your hardwood floors looking as spiffy as the day they were installed. To protect your investment, make sure you use a quality wood floor cleaner to make the most of your floors. Use this guide to choose a floor cleaner that best fits your situation for sparkling clean hardwood floors.

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